Application Formation Of Casing System

As much as 90% of the land surface of the earth is covered with loose, unconsolidated material such as soil, clay, silt, sand, gravel and boulders, which vary in depth from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters. Drilling through this so-called overburden is often challenging due to the tendency of the earth caving in behind the drill Bit.

This makes it difficult to retrieve the drill string after the hole has been drilled. In practice, the borehole is often lost before a casing tube can be inserted to support it. In places where overburden strata are mixed, or when their drill ability is unknown, it is difficult for the driller to decide what tools to use in order to get the best overall results without risking the loss of equipment in the hole.

The best solution for dealing with such challenges is to use casing system equipment.

What is a Casing System?

The casing system, just as its name implies, is when a casing tube is used together with the drill Bit to penetrate down the hole, providing enforcement to the hole wall to protect it from any collapse.

ODEX System

ODEX (short for “Overburden Drilling Excentric”) is an adaptation of the air-circulation DTH Hammer. It is used with a concentric pilot Bit, and behind it is an eccentric reamer Bit followed by a guide device that engages a special internal shouldered casing shoe on the bottom of the ODEX casing. The ODEX is thus pulled down by the drill string as the hole is advanced. Cuttings blow up through the annulus gap between guide device and casing shoe to a swivel conducting them onto the ground or to a sample collector.

AF Trading (Pty) Ltd. offers different ranges of ODEX systems sizing from 3” to 10”, all consisting of Guide Device, Casing Shoe, Eccentric Reamer, Pilot Bit, Guide Sleeve, and Locking Kits.

A complete line of drill Bits in a full range of sizes for every application is available. We sell rotary Bits, DTH Hammer Bits, PDC Bits, drag Bits, claw Bits, air track Bits, cable tool Bits, and core Bits and keep an inventory of the Bits in high demand to source and supply them timeously.

Tricone Bits

Tricone Bits were developed in the early 1930’s and was a big improvement from the two cones Roller Bit. Because of its versatility and performance, it is still one of the main Rock Bits used today. AF Trading (Pty) Ltd. offers a variety of high quality Tricone Bits ranging from Sealed Bearing Button (TCI) Bits to open bearing Steel Tooth Bits in a wide range of sizes. Tricone Bits are widely used for applications in various drilling, mining and exploration sectors.

Drifter Bits

Drifter Bits are extensively used in dam construction, grouting, bench drilling, drifting, tunneling and underground mining operations in South Africa and abroad. Our products are available in various composites, offered in two face styles and most popular thread forms. The product range includes sizes from 1″ to 5″ for soft to very hard formations. These Bits are also available in knock-off type designs.

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