We produce a variety casing tubes including Plain, Perforated, Flared, Pin/Box Threaded ends and more.

Steel Casings are used to keep the borehole from collapsing. Available in various sizes and lengths and without any alterations.
A perforated casing tube has open slots uniformly distributed for smooth flow of liquid into the casing, preventing sand and eroded soil to enter after drilling water holes.
Used for easy alignment from one casing to the next.
Pin/Box threaded
Tubes are threaded for pin/box adapters to be fitted.
PVC tubes/casings are used to offer slight flexibility where needed.

You will need to provide the following parameter needs when placing your casing tube order:

  • Outer diameter of casing tube
  • Inner diameter of Casing or Wall thickness of casing tube
  • Length of casing tube (3m and 6m)
  • The thread type of casing tube

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